Picasso Museum Antibes

It’s no secret that this area was key to the development of the works of the Impressionists, and this is the museum to visit to discover a bit more about the painters who lived, worked and relaxed here. In fact, Château Grimaldi, the site of the museum, was home to Picasso for six months in 1946.

He himself donated a number of paintings to the museum, and the rest were given by his wife after Picasso’s death. Visitors today can see 254 works by Picasso, as well as enjoy the beautiful building and setting on the Cap itself.

Even before you consider what lies inside, this historic building is a treasured slice of Antibes’ heritage.

It was built on top of the original Greek Acropolis, and the first few metres of the walls are Roman.

A branch of the Genoese Grimaldi Family (for whom it’s named) held it until the 1600s when the French crown took over.

Fast forward to 1946 and Picasso was invited by the city to use the newly restored castle as a studio, and he obliged, completing several works here that summer.

In 1966 the museum was inaugurated and it now has 245 of his paintings, ceramics and drawings.

There are also sculptures by Joan Miró and Germaine Richier, and paintings by Nicolas de Staël.

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