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Antibes Beaches: Sun, Sand & Serenity

Antibes Beaches: A Paradise on the French Riviera

Antibes is a coastal town located on the French Riviera, known for its beautiful beaches and vibrant atmosphere.

With its crystal-clear waters, soft sandy shores, and stunning scenery, Antibes is a must-visit destination for beach lovers.

In this article, we will take a closer look at some of the best beaches in Antibes.

Plage de la Gravette

Plage de la Gravette is a popular spot for locals and tourists alike.

It is a small beach with a lively atmosphere, located in the heart of Antibes.

The antibes beaches are surrounded by restaurants, cafes, and bars, making it the perfect place to spend a lazy afternoon soaking up the sun and enjoying the stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea.

Antibes Beach : Plage de la Salis

Plage de la Salis is one of the largest and most beautiful beaches in Antibes.

With its golden sand and crystal-clear water, it’s the ideal spot for sunbathing, swimming, and enjoying water sports.

The beach is also equipped with showers, changing rooms, and lifeguards, ensuring a safe and comfortable experience for everyone.


Plage de Ponteil

Plage de Ponteil is a secluded beach located in a residential area of Antibes. It’s the perfect spot for those who prefer a more peaceful and relaxing environment.

The beach is surrounded by lush vegetation, creating a natural and tranquil setting.

It’s an excellent place for swimming and sunbathing, with its calm waters and soft sand.

Antibes Beach : Plage de la Garoupe

Plage de la Garoupe is a stunning beach located on the Cap d’Antibes peninsula. It’s one of the most popular beaches in the area, thanks to its clear waters and pristine white sand.

The beach is surrounded by rocky cliffs and pine trees, providing a picturesque setting for sunbathing and swimming.

Plage du Fort Carré

Plage du Fort Carré is a small beach located near the Fort Carré, a historic fort that dates back to the 16th century.

The beach is relatively quiet and peaceful, making it an excellent spot for families with young children.

t’s equipped with showers, changing rooms, and a playground, ensuring a comfortable and safe experience for everyone.


Plage de la Fontonne

Plage de la Fontonne is a beautiful beach located in the western part of Antibes.

It’s a popular spot for surfing, windsurfing, and kiteboarding, thanks to its strong winds and waves.

The beach is also equipped with showers, changing rooms, and a restaurant, making it a great place to spend the day.

Antibes beaches offer something for everyone, from secluded coves to bustling tourist hotspots.

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing day on one of the antibes beaches or an adrenaline-fueled water sports adventure, Antibes has it all.

So pack your sunscreen and head to Antibes to experience the beauty and charm of the French Riviera.

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